Exterior Screens Colors

Exterior Screen Openness Factor available: 80, 90, 95, and Clear Plastic Vinyl. The greater the factor, the greater the light filtering.

Insect screens and pet resistant screens also available.

Remote Control & Automation Options

Our electronics put the beauty of our screens into motion, providing quiet, reliable operation. Block unwanted insects and block sun heat, optimizing outdoor areas, with the push of a button, or automatically with our weather reactive sensor. We have available handheld, key chain and wall mount remote controls. Alternatively, our solar screens can be integrated into a variety of home automation systems.

Our electronic components are designed for low data rates, low power consumption, security and reliability. Motorized units can be conveniently plugged into 110V outlet, eliminating costly electric expenses.

Weather Reactive Automation

Sun and wind sensor option available for maximum thermal protection. Lower and retract your solar screens automatically based on the related weather conditions.The sensors measure wind speed, sunlight intensity and, rain fall.

Solar Screens Hoods

The 5 sided 45 degree hood is available in a 5 ½” and 6 ½” side cap that allows you to reach higher heights greater than ever before. Our rounded hood offers an aesthetically pleasing design that compliments your current architectural layout without blocking your view.

Side caps and hood options are available in Bronze, White, Ivory and Beige. Additional colors may be available upon special request, additional cost will incur.

Installation & Mounting Methods

The recessed bracket system designed my MaestroShield® allows you to completely recess your entire system, making it virtually disappear when not in use. Installs utilizing this method would have the tracks and bracket system located in a wall, ceiling or other architectural feature hidden from direct sight.

Customizable to every project, our retractable exterior screen systems seamlessly integrate into a variety of architectural styles including stucco, brick, wood, vinyl siding, stone, existing screen enclosures and, concrete.

  • Surface Mount: Installed on to surface of the wall
  • Trapped Mount: Installed in a restricted space with no room above or on the sides
  • Recessed Mount: Installed with tracks or hood located in a wall, ceiling or other architectural feature

Exterior Screens & Hurricane Shutters

Our systems have been systematically engineered with convenience and compatibility in mind. The hood housing units and side tracks were designed to be interchangeable allowing you to further customize your install to compliment, not obstruct your structure’s existing design. This impact rated hood was designed based on our standard impact rated hoods, allowing screen units to be used in conjunction with hurricane shutters giving a unified look throughout.